The ASPCA is conducting a survey of people whose work helps to improve access to veterinary care for people in their communities. We need your help to figure out the most important questions in access to veterinary care that don’t have answers yet. Those questions that, if answered, would greatly improve the work you do. The questions that, if answered, would help you make huge leaps in increasing access to care for pets.

What do we mean when we say access to veterinary care? For this survey access to veterinary care means any work that makes veterinary care more universal and equitable and considers individual pet and family circumstances with compassion and respect, to improve welfare and decrease suffering. Please keep this definition in mind when you are thinking about what questions you think would have the greatest potential to improve access to veterinary care, if you knew the answer.

Please use this survey form to think about the questions you need answers to. When thinking about your questions, ask yourself:
  -   What information do you wish you had about improving access to veterinary care?
  -   What do you need to know to be better able to increase access to veterinary care for people and pets in your community?
  -   What information would make your work in access to veterinary care easier?
  -   What questions do you have about the work others are doing in access to veterinary care?

We welcome questions about any and all aspects and elements of access to veterinary care from the client, patient and veterinary staff perspectives. Your questions could relate to veterinary medical interventions; outreach approaches and client communications; program operations, delivery, and impact; diversity and inclusion; social; cultural; economic; legal; or policy aspects of access to veterinary care. Any question related to improving access to veterinary care will be helpful to us. The more specific the better!

Here are a few examples:
  -   Does increasing access to veterinary care improve clients’ mental or physical health?
  -   Does pets’ response to treatment improve when clients are given illustrated treatment instructions?

Our plan is to take your questions and use research to try and find the answers. This is your chance to influence research in AVC! Please help us identify the most important questions in access to veterinary care so that we can focus future research on finding the answers.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. We expect the survey will take up to 20 minutes of your time to complete. There are no risks or benefits for your participation, but the questions identified may help improve access to veterinary care programs and activities. Your responses will be kept confidential.

To thank you for your time, you will have the option to enter your email at the end of the survey for a chance to win one of five Amazon gift cards worth $75. (Please note: ASPCA employees are not eligible for the gift cards).

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Pailler, Research Director, ASPCA at

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