Survey for Approaches to Teaching the Works of Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis

Edited by Pedro Meira Monteiro and Hélio de Seixas Guimarães

This survey is designed to gather information about the methods and materials that instructors use to teach the works of Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis, for the purpose of developing a new volume on the topic in the MLA series Approaches to Teaching World Literature. Respondents are invited to answer the questions related to their teaching below. They are also encouraged to submit a proposal for a contribution to the volume. Proposals and survey responses are due by 1 March 2018, after which the survey will no longer be available online. All respondents will be acknowledged in the published volume.

Please answer the questions on the form below and click Done when you are finished. Your responses will be collected by the volume’s editors. The editors may quote anonymously from your responses to this survey in their introduction. Please indicate in your first answer if you do not give permission to be quoted.

If you wish to submit an essay proposal for the volume (see item 14 for requirements), please send it by e-mail to both Pedro Meira Monteiro ( and Hélio de Seixas Guimarães ( You may also send queries, comments, or supplemental materials such as course descriptions, syllabi, assignments, and bibliographies as attachments (doc, docx, rtf, or pdf). Surface-mail submissions may be sent to Professor Meira Monteiro at Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Princeton University, 359 East Pyne, Princeton, NJ 08544-5264.

* 1. Personal Information

* 2. Describe the course(s) in which you have taught Machado’s works. Please indicate course title and type (introductory course, survey course, genre course, special-topics course, graduate seminar, courses at the high-school level, etc.), which editions and/or translations of the texts you have used, and how much time you have devoted to them.

* 3. Why did you choose a particular edition and/or translation for your course(s)?

* 4. Have you incorporated other genres besides novels and short stories (such as poetry, drama, criticism, correspondence, etc.) into the course(s)? If so, which works and why?

* 5. Indicate any supplementary materials you have used in teaching Machado’s works.