Help us improve transport safety

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is requesting your feedback on the effectiveness of its engagement and communication with its many stakeholders. Safety education is a critical component of the work of the ATSB, as it fosters safety awareness, knowledge and action.

By participating in this short (3 minute) survey, you will help increase the effectiveness of transport safety messages to government, industry and the travelling public. The outcomes of this survey will help to guide the ATSB’s communications and education activities in transport safety across the rail, marine and aviation modes.

When you are completing the survey, please ensure that you read all instructions carefully for each question before selecting an answer. At the end of the survey, please click ‘submit’ to ensure your responses are collected.

Personal information will be collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with the ATSB’s Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your participation in and support of this research.

If you have any questions please email: