The Strategic Growth Council (SGC) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are pleased to announce the launch of the California Climate Investments (CCI) Active Transportation Program (ATP) Pilot Technical Assistance (TA) (Pilot CCI ATP TA) Program for Cycle 4.

The Pilot CCI ATP TA Program provides no-cost direct application assistance to support agencies with projects serving underserved and/or low-income communities that have had limited success in receiving funding for active transportation projects. The Pilot CCI ATP TA Program will offer in-depth technical assistance to 3-5 communities. Specifically, the activities of the Pilot CCI ATP TA Program will assist successful applicants to:
  • Identifying relevant community needs and assessing how ATP can provide direct, meaningful benefits to address those needs.
  • Training selected communities in active transportation principles and concepts, including how infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects are developed and funded.
  • Building local partnerships that can help build a comprehensive, community-driven ATP Project.
  • Developing an ATP Project scope and other components.
  • Identifying other funding resources (particularly from other CCI programs) or opportunities to integrate multiple projects.

This survey will serve as an application that SGC and Caltrans Staff will use to determine TA need for Cycle 4 of the ATP, as well as other CCI programs that fund active transportation components. The survey assesses:
  • Project Readiness
  • TA Needs
  • Geographic Diversity/Location
  • Other TA or consultant services leveraged in addition to the Pilot CCI ATP TA Program
  • Applicant capacity, such as staff availability
  • Whether the project is located in and serves disadvantaged and/or low-income communities that fulfill AB 1550 requirements. Projects located in census tracts scoring in the top 25% of CalEnviroScreen 3.0 and AB 1550 legislation defining low-income communities will be prioritized.
If you are interested in receiving TA for a potential active transportation proposal, please complete this survey by Friday, April 6.

Applicants that are selected to receive TA will be notified in early April 2018. For questions, please contact Cayla McDonell at the Local Government Commission (LGC) at or (916) 448-1198 x324.