Welcome ASUG Blogger!

The ASUG blogging program gives SAP customers a voice and an opportunity to exchange their knowledge with others in the user community. We’re looking for ASUG members who are subject matter experts and want to dive deeper into the topics they’re passionate about.

Here's what to expect:
Step 1: Complete this form to submit your idea(s). No need to write anything yet. 

Step 2: You’ll receive an email from ASUG if your idea is approved. We’ll also share some blogging tips and requirements for the post.

Step 3: You’ll write your post and email it to ASUG with a color headshot and short bio in a Microsoft Word document.

Step 4: ASUG will edit your post for clarity and style, then notify you when your post is live on ASUG Insights. Then you can share it with the world through your social media accounts and other communication channels.

If you'd like more training before you start and you're an ASUG member, you can watch the on-demand webcast, How to Blog for ASUG.