Award Categories and Criteria

Since 1982, the ASPA Sacramento Chapter has honored outstanding local persons and organizations for their excellence in public administration. This year, the chapter will present awards in several categories at the Annual Awards Dinner in early May during Public Service Recognition Week.

Award Categories:

• Elizabeth Hill, Public Administrator of the Year
• Community Service
• Government Innovation
• Grantland Johnson, Intergovernmental Cooperation
• Chester Newland, Academic Excellence
• Rising Star
• Ross Clayton Lifetime Distinguished Public Service

Award Criteria:

* Public Administrator of the Year - Presented to a non-elected professional administrator who has consistently demonstrated excellence in public management over a sustained period of time. The award is named for Elizabeth Hill, an extraordinary public servant.

* Community Service - Presented to an individual or organization for sustained leadership in addressing public policy issues or improving life in the Sacramento region.

* Government Innovation - Presented to an individual or organization that has implemented a new program, policy, or solution that has made a significant improvement in public service delivery or performance.

* Intergovernmental Cooperation - Presented to an individual or organization that has developed and delivered a program or policy between different levels of government resulting in greater effectiveness. The award is named for Grantland L. Johnson, a leader that spent an entire career fostering collaboration among all levels of government and the community. 

* Academic Excellence - Presented to a local college student, teacher, administrator, or organization that has demonstrated scholarship and leadership in public administration or a closely related field of study, or that has made a noteworthy contribution to the education of public administrators. The award is named for Chester Newland, an ASPA exemplar and revered educator.

* Rising Star - Presented to a public professional, teacher, or researcher thirty-five years of age or younger who has made significant contributions to good government in the Sacramento region.

* Lifetime Distinguished Public Service - Presented to an individual for especially meritorious service to the field of public administration over the course of a lifetime. The award is named for Ross Clayton, an honored ASPA leader, distinguished educator, and former federal public servant.
Nominations must be submitted via this survey, via regular mail or e-mailed
by February 21, 2014 to:

ASPA Sacramento
P.O. Box 2937
Sacramento, CA 95812

Note - items mailed via the Postal Service must be received by February 21.

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