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As a special feature of the 2011 Alaska School Leadership Institute (ASLI), participants will be asked to share school and/or district best practices that are improving learning and addressing the cultural challenges of working in Alaska’s rural village schools.

The Festival of Ideas is intended to highlight “how to” best practices that would be useful to RAPPS schools and districts.

Participants will be asked to lead a 15 – 20 minute group discussion about their best practice with 10 – 12 colleagues from across the RAPPS schools and districts.

Information you will need to fill out this form:

1. Contact Information (School, District, Principal phone and email)

2. Alaska Self-Study Tool domain(s) addressed (Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction, Supportive Learning Environment, Professional Development, or Leadership)

3. Background about school (maximum 100 words)

4. Priorities and strategies for improvement 2009-2010 (Maximum 50 words)

5. Description of your emerging best practice - anchored to the domains (Describe the practice. Discuss how it evolved. Highlight key elements, including cultural responsiveness.) (Maximum 100 words)

6. Indicators of impact and improvement (Maximum 100 words)

7. Description of key supports leading to success (Maximum 100 words)

8. Summary of key lessons learned (Maximum 50 words)

You can compose your answers in a Word document and then cut and paste them into the form, or you can type directly into the online form.

Please contact Kathy Blanc at ASDN at 907-364-3801 if you have any trouble with this form. We need this information by April 29.

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