1. Purpose of Survey

This survey is for arts and cultural organizations operating as 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, or other tax-exempt entities with a significant arts component to their missions. As the Alaska State Council on the Arts (ASCA) works to develop near and long term field support, we hope you will take 15 minutes to complete this survey. Based on survey responses, ASCA staff will report to Council Trustees, The Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation, funding partners, and other stakeholders. 

None of the questions in this survey require a response; we hope you will complete the survey with your best estimations, today.

We recognize that the  survey questions may not well describe your organizational concerns, or hopes. This survey assumes there has been negative impact from the Coronavirus pandemic to your organization, which may not be the case. If this form does not have the flexibility for you to express your concerns and opinions, we hope you will contact us to share your experiences.  If you are unable to complete this survey online, please contact Community Arts Program Director Charles Sears at charles.sears@alaska.gov, or by phone message at (907) 269-6608.

We are grateful for your time and effort.