Show your love for clean air with your art about what healthy air means to you!

Entries due by midnight International Awesomeness Day March 10, 2021.
One entry per person.

Submit JPEG photographs of your art, at least 300 dpi.
Parents must submit work for individuals under 18. 
No pictures of identifiable people please.
Submitting implies you give us the right to use the work in an unlimited way.
All ages welcome.
Entrants under 5 years of age will be recognized with a certificate.
1st - 2nd - 3rd prizes in each age group
Cash or merchandise prizes in each category age 5 and up.

Under 5 years     5-12 years     13-7 years     18+ years

Thanks for entering!
-The Citizens Air Monitoring Network

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* 1. Enter the name of the person who created the art for this contest and other contact information.

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* 2. If submitting for an entrant under 18, submit your name as the parent.

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* 3. What is the age group for the artist who completed this work?

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* 4. Enter a description of this artwork

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* 5. Enter a title for this artwork if you have one.

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* 6. In a few words, describe how this work expresses what clean air means to you.

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* 7. Please upload a picture of your work here.

JPG, JPEG file types only.
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Thanks for participating! 
- The Citizen Air Monitoring Network
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Winners Announced

EARTH DAY - APRIL 22, 2021
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