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Please complete the following information for either yourself or the individual you are nominating.  The positions to be elected in 2020 are listed below.  Nominations close on August 1. 

2020 Elections – The following will start their terms of office January 1, 2021:

President – 2-year term
Vice President – 2-year term
Speaker of the Membership – 2-year term
Director for Communications – 2-year term
Director for Payment – 2-year term
Director for Professional Development – 2-year term
Delegate– 2-year term  -  2 elected in 2020
PTA Caucus Representation – 2-year term
Nominating Committee Member-at-large – 2-year term
Nominating Committee – Northern District – 2-year term
Nominating Committee – Western District – 2-year term

District Offices  
Eastern District Director
Northern District Chair
Western District Chair

Note:  Individuals interested in running for an officer or director position may also run for a delegate position.

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