The American Public Health Association (APHA) has received Community Transformation Grant funding to develop and disseminate information about population-based chronic disease prevention strategies. In addition to sharing information with APHA members, APHA is working with partner organizations to develop and disseminate information to their members as well. This survey includes questions that ask about your experiences with population-based chronic disease prevention strategies as well as with materials, resources and events shared by APHA and its partner organizations in the past year.

Shattuck & Associates, a program planning and evaluation firm, is conducting the survey on behalf of APHA. We value your feedback so please read each question carefully and let us know what you think. We want you to know that:

  • Your participation in the survey is voluntary.
  • Any information you provide is confidential.
  • We do not collect identifying information such as your name, email address, or IP address.
  • Any findings from this survey will be reported in aggregate.
The results of the survey will be used by APHA to improve future materials and resources on population-based chronic disease prevention as well as dissemination strategies. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for your time.