By Order dated may 22, 2012 the Montana Supreme Court established an Appellate Pro Bono Program (APBP) designed to offer the assistance of appellate counsel to qualified litigants. The APBP is coordinated by the Montana Supreme Court's Pro Bono Coordinator and its Self-Represented Law Clerk.

Only selected self-represented litigants who meet Montana Legal Services (MLSA) financial criteria are eligible to receive pro bono legal services from the APBP volunteer attorneys. Upon MLSA's acceptance and attorney's confirmation of representation, the volunteer atttorney is eligible to receive primary or secondary malpractice insurance for the duration and scope of the pro bono appellate representation. There are opportunities to volunteer as the appellate attorney, a mentor to the lead attorney or as a law student willing to assist in the appeal under the supervision of the lead attorney.

Except for court fees waived in accordance with existing rules, transcripts and other costs associated with the appeal will continue to be the responsibilities of the parties.

If you are an attorney licensed in the State of Montana and are interested in participating as a volunteer in the Montana Pro Bono Appellate Program (APBP), please complete this registration form and click submit at the end of the application. If you need additional information about the APBP before registering, click HERE to read an overview of the Program.