Thank you for your voluntary participation in this survey; all music therapists (whether they are members of AMTA or not) are invited to complete it. We welcome responses from outside the US as well.

As you respond, consider all the ways you function as a trained music therapist, (e.g., direct services time, administrative, research, teaching, supervising, and training) and answer based on current conditions, except where specified. If you prefer not to disclose answers to non-required questions, you may simply skip that question. If you do not currently practice music therapy, questions regarding current employment should be skipped.

Survey results are used to provide answers to inquiries for information about the makeup of the music therapy profession. Summary data may be referenced by AMTA, music therapists, researchers, and those advocating for music therapy for a variety of uses (public affairs, government relations, funding, job acquisition and improvement, requests for information, etc.). The information you provide is confidential and neither your name nor any personally identifying information is collected with this survey. Only aggregate, non-identifiable, summary data shall be released in summary analyses.

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* 1. What is your music therapy credential?

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* 2. How many years since you began your career as a music therapist?

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* 3. Did you join AMTA/renew your AMTA membership for the 2022 calendar year?

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