Please respond to the following prompts and questions to complete your application. You must respond to each prompt in order, so please have all information and materials ready for upload. Only complete applications received by the due date will be considered. There are three sections to the application:

1. Application Materials
You will be prompted to upload all required documents (e.g., CV, statements) and confirm your eligibility for the advertised position.

2. Work Status Declaration
You will be asked about your Canadian citizenship and/or work permit status so we know what immigration assistance you will need if you are the selected applicant.

3. Affirmative Action Self-identification
You will have the option to self-identify with respect to gender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, and disability status. Sharing this helps us reduce the influence of implicit biases on our hiring processes.

Email Patrick Legris, Committee/Administrative Secretary, with questions about the application process.