Welcome to our survey on Additive Manufacturing Skills!

SAM is a European initiative that aims to address the workforce development for Additive Manufacturing (AM) by developing a shared skills vision and collaborative learning solutions for the sector at European level. Please find out more info at: www.skills4am.eu/ 

In this sense, we would like to know what kind of AM skills you look for in a candidate taking into account the current needs of your company.

The survey lasts for 10 minutes approx. It is split in two different sections:

· Section 1: General information and background

· Section 2: Profiles and skills needs

Please take into account that some questions admit only one answer. In the case that multiple choices are possible, it is indicated in the specific question text. Also note that the survey was designed to enable a logical pathway depending on your responses. For this reason the sum of questions indicated below does not correspond to number of questions you shall reply to.

Thank you for helping us in designing Europe’s AM workforce future!

The participation in this survey is anonymous and voluntary.  By replying to it, you are consenting that SAM project partners process the data collected in conformity with the Contract Agreement signed with the EACEA. For any additional clarification, please contact ewf@ewf.be 
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