The landmark Accessibility for Manitoba Act (AMA) was passed unanimously by all parties in 2013 with the promise that major progress toward full accessibility would be achieved by 2023. Now almost half way through this 'decade of progress', implementation efforts to date have been slow and partial. With deadlines and time targets being missed, the great promise of the AMA is being broken.

In response, Barrier-Free Manitoba has launched the Broken Promise campaign to raise awareness of the significant implementation shortfalls. We invite you to support the campaign by joining us in sending the message to Minister Scott Fielding (the Minister responsible for the AMA) that immediate action is required to get the AMA back on track.

The Broken Promise campaign has been launched at a very important time. As required in the AMA, the government has appointed an independent consultant, Ms. Theresa Harvey Pruden, to conduct a comprehensive review of the Act. The message the campaign is sending to Ms. Harvey Pruden is that we want her to recommend the key changes required to ensure that the AMA does not fall off the tracks again.

We are hoping to formally deliver these messages before the end June. Your expression of support for campaign before (or even after) that would be very much appreciated.  

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