Greetings! Welcome to the 2020 Alaska Youth Voting Challenge!

Announcing a special civic engagement opportunity for our youth, 17 and younger, to learn about the importance of voting by encouraging the adults in their communities who are eligible to vote, to do so in the general election on or before November 3, 2020. This statewide challenge seeks to:
  • Motivate our children and youth to learn and increase civic engagement across the state of Alaska;
  • Initiate voting behaviors and understanding in our children and youth before they become eligible to vote;
  • Let our children and youth know that it is important for them to lead – to be involved in local, statewide, and national issues impacting their lives now, and in the future;
  • Help Alaskans learn about the disenfranchisement of Native peoples and other peoples of color from voting in this country and Alaska, and how to overcome these by strengthening the voting turn out; and
  • Build up the confidence, ability and expectation for our children and youth to know they can be a part of the process now.
What you need to know:
  • This challenge is to engage Alaska children and youth, who are 17 years old and under, in the voting process once they turn 18-years-old by learning and engaging in get out the vote efforts by outreaching to the adults in their communities to encourage those eligible to vote to do so by Election Day, November 3, 2020;
  • Only Pre-K to 12th grade youth groups, student groups or schools located within the state of Alaska are eligible to participate.
  • Only children and youth 17 years old and younger in those youth groups, student groups or schools can actively participate in outreaching to get eligible voters to turn out, though their efforts may be supported by and/or educated by those eligible to vote (18 years old or older);
  • In order to be eligible to participate, youth groups or schools must submit complete Letters of Interest (LOI) –OR– submit this online surveymonkey no later than 5pm Alaska Standard Time on November 3rd (Election Day).
Important Note: Please Read

The goal of the Alaska Youth Voter Turnout Challenge is to increase voter turnout in Alaska. By submitting this application you swear and affirm that your efforts will be focused on increased voter participation in your selected district(s), but will not, in any way, reward an individual voter for their vote. Further, any funds received will not be disbursed directly to any child in the form of a monetary payout. Finally, your efforts must be strictly non-partisan and may not endorse a specific candidate or induce voters to vote for a specific candidate. If you agree to uphold this requirement, proceed to the next page. If you do not agree, exit the survey.

Full rules available on the FAI website.