Thank you for participating in this first readership survey for the Australian Journal of Dementia Care.
This survey is anonymous, and will take about 10 minutes to complete.

* 1. Have you used the journal in the following ways?

  Yes not yet - but I intend to No
My personal education
To get information to share with other people / my team
To improve my management skills
To help my day-to-day practice
To help me find resources
To find out about events 

* 2. QUALITY & VALUE: How much do you agree with the following descriptions of the journal?

  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree No opinion
Up to date
Easy to read
Articles are the right length
Relevant to Australia
Value for money

* 3. USEFULNESS: Please rate the following sections of current journal content?

  Very Useful Somewhat Useful Not Useful No opinion
Research Focus article
Research News
Events Listings
Special Issues
Conference program/abstract inserts

* 4. FUTURE CONTENT: Please rate the following ideas for new content (feel free to suggest other ideas in the comment box)

  Excellent idea Good idea Poor idea No opinion
Articles for professional development credit (CPD / CME) (supported by online quizzes and completion certificates)
Articles which present different sides of debate on a controversial issue
Articles that are 'explainers'  on workforce topics - e.g. change management, knowledge translation, leadership
Articles that support 'Train the Trainer' activities
Peer-reviewed open-access research articles, e.g. authors pay a small publication charge
Articles in languages other than English (use the comment box to nominate languages)
More content from people with dementia and family carers

* 5. FUTURE FORMAT: How likely are you to access journal content in the following ways?

  Very likely Likely Not likely No opinion
Online format to replace paper/posted copy with an internet subscription
Online format in addition to paper/posted copy via an additional internet subscription
Online article archive - e.g. search contents and articles from back issues
Purchase of individual articles via the internet
Purchase of individual articles via a paper catalogue
Only a paper/posted journal - i.e. make no changes