Teaching Artists

Congratulations on completing your Artists In Schools residency! Thank you for the commitment to teaching your art form to students in our Juneau schools. Your efforts are very valuable, unique, and enriching, having a long-lasting impact on students and their school experience. 

This FINAL EVALUATION must be completed and submitted within 30 days of the end of your residency. Once both school and artist evaluations are complete, your payment will be issued from the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council. 

THANK YOU in advance for your time, thoughts and feedback on your experience. Your opinions are very important to the Arts and Humanities Council, Juneau School District, and Alaska State Council on the Arts.  Your feedback will be utilized for final reports to ASCA on the impact of AIS programming for Juneau, as well as to provide information to the Arts Council and the school of your residency to inform improvements to the program and specific school participation and involvement hosting a Teaching Artist in the future. 

This evaluation can also serve as a self-evaluation tool to provide reflection and analysis of your work as a teaching artist. 

We welcome your honest and thorough evaluation responses! 

**Please note the survey format will not save responses on a page unless all questions on the page have been answered. If you leave a page, you may loose responses to completed questions. 
**You may return to the survey after submitting response if you save the link provided on the end page.