As a member-centric association, AIHA relies on a strong and stable membership base, comprised of IH/OEHS professionals at all levels in their career, as well as students who will enter the profession upon graduation, to continue to develop and provide high-quality education, knowledge, resources and services that our members have come to expect. 

With 35% of the current membership at or within retirement age, and a future pipeline not enough to offset this gap, the Association is experiencing a decline in membership. Now, the Association and its members need to take a bold step with a concerted and united effort in membership recruitment and retention efforts.

Objectives of the Task Force

- Gain insight of member needs (based on member needs survey)
- Evaluate current membership benefits and how they align with member needs
- Identify potential growth areas and membership retention
- Help develop member value proposition that inspires recruitment, retention and leads to a better understanding of, and active participation in member benefits
- Assess relevancy within the OEHS as well as with universities and students
- Increase engagement through outreach, volunteering, etc.
- Make recommendations to the AIHA Board of Directors
Task Force Composition

- 10 Members (not including staff liaisons)
- One (1) member from each segment of the membership classes – Affiliate, Associate, Full, Emeritus, International, Young Professional, Student
- Three (3) members from the AIHA Board of Directors
Task Force Selection Process

- Enthusiasm, creativity, and a willingness to actively participate
- Must be AIHA member in good standing
- A commitment to diversity and inclusiveness
- Prepared to disclose in writing any potential conflicts of interest

Task Force Responsibilities
- Acceptance of appointment should be based on the time commitment required and a willingness and ability to actively participate in meetings and assignments
- Review materials provided by staff and prepare for each Task Force meeting
- Regularly attend Task Force meetings (alternates/substitutes are not permitted)
- When a decision requires a vote of the Task Force, each member shall have one vote

Time Commitment

June:                   Town hall conference call
July:                     One (1) hour conference call
August:                Potential face-to-face meeting at AIHA Headquarters (Falls Church, VA)
Sept.—Dec.:         One (1) hour conference call monthly


- Accountable to the AIHA Board of Directors
- Agrees to uphold and abide by AIHA bylaws and the Code of Conduct
- Treat the task force materials and deliberations as confidential

Nominations will be accepted until close of business on May 4. Self-nominations will be accepted.

* 1. Name

* 2. Are you an AIHA member in good standing?

* 3. Please select your membership classification:

* 4. Why are you interested in serving on this task force?

* 5. Can you commit to the time required?