AGT 2017 Student Abstract Submissions

Submission deadline is March 3, 2017.

Review selection criteria for the Student Research Award here.  

* 1. Primary Presenter

* 2. Are you a:

* 3. Graduation Date:

As the program official, I hereby attest, by providing my contact information below, that all work on the project being submitted was carried out prior to the applicant's graduation from the above named program, that the student was the primary investigator for the work being presented and that the submission was written by the student.

* 4. Please indicate the program official who may be contacted to verify adherence to the statement above.

* 5. List Co-Authors/Other Presenters with credentials and titles (and Work or School Affilation if different from the primary presenter).
Co-author information should be listed as first name, last name, credentials, company.

* 6. Please indicate your presentation preference.

* 7. Would you like this abstract submitted for the Student Research Award?