The purpose of this survey is to benchmark 12 recruiter competencies to determine which are the most important for driving quality of candidate and recruiter effectiveness.

Question Title

* 1. Is this ranking for yourself or someone else?

Question Title

* 3. How would you rank yourself (or the recruiter noted above) on the following factors?

  Meets Minimum Standards: Bottom-third, Adequate Meets Basic Job Requirements - Mid-third, More than Adequate Sets the Midpoint Standard Exceeds All Job Needs - Top-third Far Exceeds All Job Needs - Top 10-15% Truly Exceptional - Top 5%
Driven to Deliver Top Talent without Compromise
Industry and Subject Matter Expert
Close Partner with the Hiring Manager
Understands Real Job Needs and Challenges
Develops Customized and Targeted Sourcing Programs
Uses State-of-the-Art Active Candidate Sourcing Tools
A Cyber-sleuthing and Boolean Black Belt
A Networking Fanatic
Superlative Organizer
Hiring Systems Optimizer (ATS, CRM, Linked Recruiter)
Super Accurate Interviewer
Great Recruiter and Closer