AFCC Fall Conference 2019 Proposal Submission Form


AFCC Fall Conference
Integrating Research into Practice and Policy: The Impact on Families and Children
October 31-November 2, 2019
Omni William Penn Hotel
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Submission deadline: May 13, 2019

Proposals are being accepted for ninety-minute workshop sessions.

We suggest you write your proposal in a word processing program and then paste each response into the submission form on the following pages. This will mitigate the chance of data loss and you will have a copy of your submission (no copy of your submission is otherwise available). To begin submitting a proposal, please be sure you have the following information (listed below), then scroll to the bottom of this page, respond to the three statements, then click "Next" to access the pages where you will paste in your proposal.

1. The name and email address of the person who will coordinate your workshop.

2. A workshop title (limited to 80 characters).

3. An abstract of 250 words or fewer describing your proposed workshop.

4. A program-ready description of your proposed workshop (80 words or fewer) for the conference brochure. AFCC reserves the right to edit descriptions for consistency. 

5. A description of the relevance of your workshop to the AFCC community (250 words or fewer).

6. For research proposals, include a brief description of your methodology, results, conclusions, and applications for practice, policy implications, and future research (250 words or fewer).

7. Three citations from professional literature within the last ten years that provide support for your program (do not include newsletter articles or links to websites).

8. Three learning objectives addressed by your proposed workshop. Click here to review the guidelines for writing learning objectives.

9. Complete contact information for all proposed presenters.

10. Names and information for each presenter as it will appear in the program (Name, up to two academic degrees, organization, city, state/providence, country).

11. Contact information for two professional references.

12. CV/resumes for all proposed presenters must email to after submitting proposal. Please have each attachment saved under name of presenter in a word or PDF document.

There is a maximum of four presenters per workshop, including a moderator, two proposals per presenter. The deadline for proposals is May 13, 2019. AFCC is unable to guarantee consideration of incomplete proposals or those submitted after the deadline. AFCC offers a reduced registration rate for conference presenters and is unable to reimburse for travel, lodging, and related expenses. Please direct any questions to Nicole Ellickson at 608-664-3750 or

AFCC strives to accept proposals from as many presenters as possible while also limiting presentations to one per person. This is not always possible; however, presenters submitting multiple proposals with different co-presenters often results in the rejection of one of the proposals, and therefore the co-presenters.

You will be notified whether your proposal has been accepted by late June 2019.

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* 1. Presenter expenses

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* 2. Accuracy of presenter information

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* 3. Presenter availability understanding