Greetings AEOP Alumni!

The AEOP Alumni Association works to spotlight individuals from various AEOP Programs. Please complete the survey to share with the AEOP Alumni Association your interest in being a future spotlight. Please note, there are two different types of spotlights: Individual and Mentor/Mentee Spotlights. 

Individual spotlights focus on you and your experience in your AEOP Program (available for all programs). You would individually participate in this spotlight.

Mentorship Spotlights are available for apprenticeship programs (CQL, HSAP, URAP, REAP, and SEAP) and spotlight the unique experience between you and your mentor during your program. Both you and your mentor would participate in this mentorship spotlight.

Please reflect on what type of spotlight you would be interested in participating and indicate below where asked.

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* 3. Program Participation (check all that apply)

* 5. In one sentence, explain why you would be a good candidate for an AEOP Alumni Spotlight.

* 6. In one sentence, explain how AEOP impacted you/your STEM career?

* 7. Answer ONE of the following questions (which ever is of most interest to you):

* 8. What type of spotlight are you interested in participating? (See description above for explanations of the two types of spotlights)

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