Welcome! You've reached the registration form for the 2018-19 AEM Center's Virtual Training on Accessible Educational Materials and Technologies, Making Your Everyday Curriculum Materials More Accessible for All Learners. We're looking forward to introducing you to knowledge and skills for improving curriculum access by all learners, including students with disabilities. 
Open Registration: 5/8/18 - 2/5/19
You need only register once during the open registration period and you are welcome to do so at anytime; however, if you are interested in a specific topic as opposed to the full series, we recommend that you register ahead of that module for timely participation, including live attendance at the introductory video conference. 

Module 1, Introduction to Accessible Educational Materials and Technologies (7/11-8/29): Register by 7/6

Module 2, How to Make Your Documents Accessible (8/29-10/17): Register by 8/24

Module 3, How to Locate Captioned Videos and Make Your Own (10/17-12/5): Register by 10/12

Module 4, How to Find Specialized Formats of Print Materials (12/5-2/6): Register by 11/30

Module 5, How to Select Accessible Digital Materials (2/6-3/27): Register by 2/1

Approximately two weeks prior to each module, registrants will receive an email with instructions and a link to a required 2-minute pre-survey. 
Please direct questions to AEM Center staff at aem@cast.org. Thank you!

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