Why are we asking about your use of irrigation and energy?

The National Irrigators’ Council, on behalf of the Agriculture Industries Energy Taskforce group, is conducting this survey in order to inform up-to-date advice to empower irrigators to reduce their energy costs for irrigation.

Water is a primary input to agricultural produce, and in Australia irrigation for farming is a primary use of our dry continent’s available water supply, greatly enhancing our agricultural productivity. However rapidly increasing energy costs over the past decade are a threat to agricultural sector competitiveness in international markets, profitability and potentially viability.

Rising prices over the last decade have spurred much activity, and individual organisations have developed advice in their states/sectors.

The purpose of this survey is capture a snapshot across this large and diverse sector, to understand where the pressure points are and what strategies your sector organisation can recommend from others that are relevant to you.

So this survey is seeking information in three broad areas, so we can target relevant information to irrigators like you:
  • about your farm
  • about your irrigation system and practices
  • about your experience of and engagement to manage electricity costs

In covering so many uses of irrigation in agriculture, some questions may not be relevant to your farm. Some questions are used to direct the survey.

Thank you for completing this survey!