The Audio Description People’s Choice Award is a unique opportunity for fans to show their support for the audio description they love the most.

The Audio Description People’s Choice Award takes place in two phases. First, ACB will accept nominations in two categories, film and series, from May 4-May 19. Second, the top titles in each category will compete for the grand prize during a two-week voting period from July 20–August 4. Winners will be announced during the ACB Audio Description Awards Gala, which will take place virtually on November 14 at 7:30 PM Eastern.

Your nomination must follow the nomination criteria to be eligible. Please read the nomination criteria below before making your selection.

1. Your Selection Must Be A Current Film and Series
  • Films and series released between June 2023 and May 2024 are eligible. Content released in movie theaters and/or on broadcast television, cable, streaming services, and DVDs are all eligible. Episodic series that began running before 2023 can be nominated as long as new episodes have been released since June 2023.

2. Your Selection Must Feature Outstanding Audio Description

Before submitting a nomination, consider these three points when evaluating the quality of audio description for your selection:
  • The writing – clear, concise, and vivid word choices that describe crucial visual elements without offering opinions or interpretations
  • The voicing – narration that enhances the experience by using a tone and energy level appropriate to the action
  • The sound – a smooth balance of dialogue, background noise, musical soundtrack, and audio description

3. You May Only Nominate One Film and One Series
  • The nomination form allows you to select one film and one series only. Please note, you may only submit the nomination form once.

Please enter your nomination in each category, film and series, below. Be sure to come back in late July to see if your favorites made it to the final round and cast your vote!

Question Title

* 1. Film

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* 2. Series