How does performance management work in your organization (8 questions)?

This questionnaire reflects a belief that today's "performance management" process must achieve 3 goals:  1) Alignment of people with enterprise priorities, 2) a Culture where performance relationships reflect the values of a healthy and truly alive performance community, and 3) support for your Transformation agenda.

How does your organization do in these three areas?

* 1. Everybody really understands the business priorities and how they relate to their work.

* 2. We can count on people - regardless of level - to implement difficult but important business goals.

* 3. Regardless of role or level, people manage themselves as though they are business partners.

* 4. People meet commitments up, down and across the organization.

* 5. Our performance relationships and conversations reflect our values.

* 6. People communicate directly, respectfully and with shared responsibility regardless of issue or differences in authority levels.

* 7. We introduce changes in a way that gets ownership and commitment from people who must live with them

* 8. We put the right amount of resources into our change management.

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* 11. If you would like to survey others in your organization, or explore other support options, please  contact Pat McLagan at or phone 1-202-255-2384