Application Introduction

Welcome to the CABQ Albuquerque Community Safety Division Tuition Assistance Application!

Before beginning please ensure you have all the information regarding your courses including the course name, course number, and cost.

The deadline for completion of this application and the delivery of all supporting documents is 5:00 pm MST on the due date for the term listed below. No applications will be accepted after this date and any application that is incomplete or lacks the required documents will be disqualified.

2022 Fall Term - Classes from August - December 2022
Application Opens: 12/15/2022
Application Closes: 1/15/2023- All materials due at 5:00 pm MST

Only ACS / City employees who have successfully completed at least 3 months of their probationary period can submit a request for tuition reimbursement. This application should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Before starting, ensure you have all your personal, school, and course information including the course names and numbers and the total amount for which you will be seeking reimbursement.

All employees seeking assistance MUST MEET WITH A COACH at the CABQ Employee Learning Center prior to submission

Your submission does not guarantee any reimbursement and full reimbursement of all education expenses is not guaranteed. Completion of this online application does not finish your Tuition Assistance application. In addition to this online application, you must submit a copy of the original receipts showing the amount paid for tuition for which you are seeking reimbursement.  Any items without a receipt will not be reimbursed. The amount which you request in the application must match the amount on your receipts. Also, submit original official documentation to verify grades.

These items must be turned in to the CABQ Employee Learning Center prior to the deadline listed above. You may submit these items to the CABQ Employee Learning Center by:

• Scan and email the documents to
• Fax the documents to the CABQ Employee Learning Center at (505) 768-3295
• Deliver them to the Employee Learning Center in the basement of Old City Hall at 1 Civic Plaza

This is your application for Tuition Reimbursement. To request Education Leave you must complete the Education Leave Application form available on the Employee Learning Center online campus site at

If you have any questions about Tuition Assistance or Education Leave please contact the Employee Learning Center at (505) 768-3200