Health inequities and disparities in Canada, exist, are persistent, and in some cases, are growing. Many of these inequities are the results of individuals’ and groups’ relative social and economic disadvantages. Inequities in health outcomes or in access to care can also be systemic where disparities are observable between population groups (for example, racial or ethnic). Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) is Canada’s largest patient led arthritis group and is committed to understanding and raising awareness about inequities in arthritis care related to service delivery, treating and managing arthritis, and self-advocacy.
What am I being asked to share?
The survey asks you to share details of inequities or discrimination you have experienced or witnessed as an individual living with arthritis; the impact of those incidents and how people care for themselves and others in the face of health inequities.
How will the information I provide be used?
Based on survey findings, ACE will work to improve or build new resources to help close arthritis healthcare gaps identified by arthritis patients like you. We will also share the survey results with community, government and private sector decision makers to ensure they are aware of how inequities in arthritis care affects people living with the disease.
How will my privacy be protected?

Arthritis Consumer Experts will keep survey responses confidential and anonymous.  Trends will be included from the information that is shared with us so we can better understand who, how, where and why health inequities are being experienced.
Participation in this survey is voluntary. You can stop the survey at any time. Please do not include information that could identify you or others in your responses (for example, any names and addresses of people). 
This survey will take approximately 15 minutes of your time, depending on your answers. You will be asked to share details about inequities or discrimination you experienced accessing arthritis care and how it impacted you.
Please note all questions in this survey require an answer.
12% of survey complete.