Junior Survey 2017-18

* 2. Gender

* 3. Ethnicity

* 4. Please select your GPA range:

* 5. How often do you see your ACCESS Advisor?

* 6. How likely are you to pursue a 2-year degree or 4-year degree after high school?

* 7. How likely are you to pursue other opportunities after high school such as career and technical school, apprenticeships, or military ?

* 8. Did your ACCESS Advisor provide any of the following: SAT/ACT information, ACCESS Junior Handbook, Fee Waiver or Fee Payment?

* 9. How much did your ACCESS Advisor help in mapping out your path to college?

* 10. How likely are you to continue working with your ACCESS Advisor through your 12th grade year of high school?

* 11. After working with your ACCESS Advisor, how likely are you to recommend others to this program?