Thank you for your interest in presenting at the ACAMIS Technology conference in Macao. The conference is designed to be professional development which is for teachers by teachers. The focus will be on making the conference relevant to our context, easily accessible and immediately applicable. The aim is that technology used at the conference can be used within mainland China without a VPN.
Presentation Proposal Guidelines:
- The conference will have 1 & 2 hour workshops (please indicate your preference)
- Please indicate your interest to present by completing this form by Wednesday, April 12th.
- If you intend to submit more than one proposal please fill in a survey for each proposal.
- Presenters are responsible for conference fees and all related costs. Unfortunately, there is no compensation for presenters.
- Joint presenters welcome. 
The conference organisers will meet on April 14th to consider submissions and will contact you after that time.

* 1. Name

* 2. Email address

* 3. Mobile number

* 4. School name

* 5. Section

* 6. Position

* 7. What is your involvement with technology at school? e.g. class teacher using technology, tech coach etc.

* 8. Please add a short description of your workshop proposal. Please note that this would appear in the program.
 Click here for an example from last year's conference

* 9. Who will benefit from your presentation? (Please tick more than one, if required)

* 10. What would be the length of your presentation?

* 11. What would you require (e.g. classroom set up/space, iPads, Laptops etc)