Please take a moment to complete this survey about your experience with AACOG.  Your comments will be used to recognize employees for providing great customer service and will also help us find opportunities to overcome challenges. Your identity will remain anonymous, unless you wish to be contacted regarding your feedback.  Thank you for your assistance.

Diane Rath
Executive Director

* 1. Which AACOG team member(s) assisted you?

* 2. What is the date assistance was provided? (MM/DD/YYYY)

* 4. The person who assisted you promptly greeted you and acknowledged your request.

* 5. The person who assisted you was courteous, friendly, and demonstrated a positive attitude.

* 6. The person or department who assisted you was knowledgeable about the program.

* 7. The person assisting you researched your request, responded appropriately, or addressed your concerns.

* 8. The person who assisted you resolved your question(s) or met your expectation.

* 9. Overall, I am satisfied with the service I received from AACOG and its team.

* 10. General Comments:

* 11. Would you like to be contacted regarding your feedback?