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1. How comfortable do you feel voicing your concerns to your supervisor?

2. Would you like to interact with your supervisor more, less, or about the same amount as you currently interact with him/her?

3. How clearly does your supervisor explain the company's business plans?

4. When decisions or goals change, how often does your supervisor explain to you why this has happened?

5. How realistic are the expectations of your supervisor?

6. How well does management handle political issues that affect the company?

7. How much support for the company is management able to get from the community?

8. How effective is management at public relations?

9. Does your supervisor spend too much money to meet short-term goals, too little money, or about the right amount of money?

10. How effectively does your supervisor use company resources?

11. How well does your supervisor handle employee problems?

12. How committed is your supervisor to making the company a more comfortable place to work?

13. How well do your supervisor's priorities match up with the goals of your company?

14. What does management need to do to improve their overall effectiveness?