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The Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio) and partner organizations began the BioReady Communities Campaign in early 2008 to help enable Massachusetts to maintain its global leadership in biotechnology by increasing the inventory of real and potential biotechnology facility sites in the state.

As part of the BioReady Campaign, MassBio has developed ratings for municipalities who fill out a survey with information on their zoning practices and infrastructure capacity. Our focus with these ratings is to help biotechnology companies find the most favorable destinations in the state and to enable the state and its cities and towns to effectively tell their story to the biotechnology industry. BioReady-rated cities and towns have made a commitment to biotechnology.

Please fill out the following survey to submit your community for a BioReady Rating. Before the BioReady Ratings are publicized by MassBio, you will receive confirmation of your community's rating from MassBio. We re-rate BioReady communities on a rolling basis.

MassBio BioReady Community Ratings Criteria

BRONZE Criteria

- Municipal water and sewer available in commercial and industrial areas.
- Zoning allows for biotech laboratory and manufacturing uses by special permit.
- Identified point of contact in town/city hall to assist biotech projects.

SILVER Criteria

Bronze Criteria plus
- Zoning allows for biotech laboratory and manufacturing uses BY RIGHT.

- Municipality has identified buildings and/or land sites for biotechnology uses in municipal plans.


- Municipality convenes site plan review meetings, pronging together all pertinent departments, to provide an overview of the local approvals process for significant commercial and industrial projects.

- Municipality has land sites and/or buildings included in BioSites inventory at www.massachusettssitefinder.com


- Community has identified Priority Development Sites per Chapter 43D
- Municipality has a site designated as a Massachusetts Growth District

GOLD Criteria

Silver Criteria plus

- Municipality has sites or buildings pre-permitted for biotechnology laboratory or manufacturing use,


- Municipality has existing buildings in which biotech laboratory or manufacturing activities are taking place.


Gold Criteria plus

- Municipality’s Board of health has adopted the National Institutes of Health guidelines on rDNA activity as part of its regulations.

- Municipality includes a building or buildings that are already permitted for biotech uses and have 20,000 square feet or more of available space for biotech uses.


- Municipality has a shovel-ready pre-permitted land site with completed MEPA review and municipal water and sewer capacity to meet additional demand.

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