100% of survey complete.

* 1. 1. Because this survey is about very private information, it is completely anonymous. Absolutely no personal information is being gathered about you - only your responses to these questions - not even the I.P. address of your computer.

My hope is this freedom will enable you to share freely and allow others to see they are not alone. Please come up with a nickname to hide your identity in the event I read your responses on the show. If you are feeling suicidal PLEASE call the Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-8255.

* 2. What sex/gender are you?

* 3. What if any, is your sexual preference?

* 4. How old are you?

* 5. What best describes the environment you were raised in?

* 6. Have you ever been the victim of sexual abuse?

* 7. Have you ever been manipulated or pressured into engaging in a sexual act?

* 8. Have you ever initially said "no" or resisted a sexual advance because you didn't want to appear "easy", then minutes or hours later "gave in" to the desire that was there from the beginning?

* 9. Check any of the following that apply to the history of people making sexual advances on you that you definitely DIDN'T WANT.

* 10. Check any of the following that apply when sexual advances were made that you WEREN'T SURE about (whether you wanted them or not)

* 11. Check any of the following that apply to sexual advances made on you that you LIKED BUT WEREN'T READY FOR right then.

* 12. Check any of the following that apply to sexual advances that you DEFINITELY WANTED

* 13. Is there anything you would like to share about your history in dealing with sexual advances made on you? Or anything about your answers that you'd like to clarify?

* 14. How did answering these questions make you feel? Did you find any of them offensive?

* 15. Do you have any suggestions to make the Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast & website better?