* 1. Please identify the school where you performed the Water Filtration laboratory:

* 2. In what grade are you currently enrolled?

* 3. After performing this hands-on activity, please rate how well you understand the following concepts:

  Not at all A little Mostly Very
Water is a precious resource for society and its natural availability is scarce. Society’s ability to reclaim used water is important.
Atoms and molecules in liquids move in a random pattern, and the reaction rate with materials in the liquid, such as nanoparticles, nanopores, and membrane filters, etc. is determined by this dynamics.
Atomic and molecular interactions with nanostructures are highly sensitive to differences in their physical sizes and chemical properties.

* 4. Please offer your explanation to the following questions:

* 5. Identify any concepts that you might have better understood after performing this activity:

* 6. On a scale from 1 to 4, where 1 means "not at all" and 4 means "very much," rate the following:

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Did you find the science you learned in this activity interesting?
Do you want to learn more about water, and the science and technology to purify or reclaim waste water?
How well can you explain what water purification technology is to someone who doesn’t know (perhaps a younger sibling)?