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The following questions are intended to serve your local Safe Routes to School team in assessing the walkability and bikeability of your school site and surrounding neighborhoods. We recommend reviewing the questions beforehand, preparing answers and performing a walkability and/or bikeability audit before attempting to complete the assessment tool. Completing this MnDOT Safe Routes to School Neighborhood Assessment is a requirement for certain SRTS funding opportunities. However, we believe it is also a useful planning tool that will help your school and surrounding community create better transportation and health outcomes for schoolchildren.

MnDOT's Safe Routes to School program, housed within the department's Bicycle and Pedestrian Section, will collect and retain the information you provide to improve our program's effectiveness and enable better understanding of current transportation conditions in and around Minnesota schools. It should take about 10-15 minutes to enter the answers to the following questions (again, we recommend preparing in advance). The survey software permits you to leave without losing your progress; simply re-click the survey link to continue with your assessment. To proceed to subsequent sections, click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page; if you need to go back, use the "Prev" button.

We welcome questions, comments or feedback about your school conditions, the assessment process and the Safe Routes to School program in general! Space is provided at the end of this assessment tool for comments; alternatively, you can contact us at saferoutes.dot@state.mn.us or (651) 366-4195.

Thank you for helping make your community a safer place to walk and bike to school!


The MnDOT Safe Routes to School team

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(Photo: Tiffany Robinson 2010)

(Photo: Tiffany Robinson 2010)