********** NYC DOB and DDC to Address Design Professionals  **********

Date:  Friday, October 19, 2018.

Location: NYU Tandon School of Engineering
(NYU-Poly) - Pfizer Auditorium
5 Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Time: 8:00 AM - 8:45 AM: - Registration & Continental Breakfast. 
           9:00 AM:  Keynote Speaker:  Thomas Fariello, R.A., Deputy
                            Commissioner of the NYC Department of Buildings.
           9:20 AM:  Eric Macfarlane, PE, M.ASCE; Deputy Commissioner NYC
                            Dept of Design & Construction (DDC).
         10:30 AM:  Dan Eschenasy, PE, F.SEI, SECB, DOB's Chief Structural Engineer
         11:40 AM:  Lunch - on your own.
           1:10 PM:  Timothy Lynch, PE; Forensic Engineering Unit, NYC DOB.
           3:30 PM:  Holly Savoia PE; Director of Sustainability Enforcement, 
                            NYC DOB. 

                            - Lectures will begin promptly.

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NYC DOB and DDC to Address Design Professionals on October 19th at NYC Design Professionals Day.

            On Friday October 19th, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) will provide several presentations to inform design professionals and the construction industry about important design considerations and about conducting inspections in the City.  The full day event will begin with a keynote speech by DOB's First Deputy Commissioner Thomas Fariello R.A., who will discuss recent developments and an update on the online filing system being implemented by the department.

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Design Professionals Day.

<span style="color: #00ccff;"><a href="http://www.cvent.com/events/new-york-city-design-professionals-day/event-summary-765657fc81e142e697997beda3205169.aspx" rel="nofollow" style="color: #00ccff; text-decoration: underline;" target="_blank">Design Professionals Day.</a></span>
Deputy Commissioner of the NYC Department of Design & Construction (DDC) Eric Macfarlane, PE, M.ASCE, will provide an overview of New York City’s efforts to engineer sustainability and resiliency in the face of Global warming and associated sea level rise projection and extreme weather events (1 PDH).  Mr. Macfarlane will discuss NYC's emissions reduction efforts to date and NYC's Roadmap to 80% GHG reduction by 2050. Also discussed will be a few DDC projects and case studies related to sustainability and resiliency and 80X20 efforts to preserve and improve the quality of life for NYC residents.   For more information and to RSVP to the event use the following link:  RSVP to Event.
             The presentation by DOB's Director of Sustainability Enforcement, Holly Savoia PE will include a discussion on changes in the energy code and the continually evolving knowledge base of design professionals in an effort to improve energy performance and sustainable building practices in construction.  Strong enforcement and education are a necessary component of this effort, and TR-8 progress inspectors play a crucial part in the bridge between the design phase and construction.  The presentation will identify the resources available to design professionals for the conduct of progress inspections with respect to the energy code, the administration process to be followed, lessons learned by the Department of Buildings during a recent pilot study of alteration projects, a discussion of challenges, and what is coming up on the horizon.

            The presentation by DOB's Chief Structural Engineer Dan Eschenasy, PE, F.SEI, SECB, will include an overview of Post Fire Structural Investigations.  Material specific methods of post-fire inspection and evaluation will be presented.  Following a fire incident structural engineers are called to evaluate the structural stability and condition of the remaining structure and determine the needs for structural repairs. Fire characteristics and the effect of fire on various construction materials will be discussed (steel, concrete, stone and wood).

            The presentation by Chief of DOB's Forensic Engineering Unit, Tim Lynch PE, will include discussion on Building Typology and NYC's building classifications system.  From NYC's most humble one roomed timber framed bungalow to the super tall 1700’ high towers being constructed today, and from 400 year old historic houses to buildings which will exist far into the future, NYC has always endeavored to classify the buildings by occupancy, fire rating and zoning.  From these classifications are derived the codes for architectural, structural, MEP systems and the likes.  Mr. Lynch will discuss how these classifications are used in the current codes and how one can convert the 1.2 million existing buildings back and forth between the codes and the relevant technical specs that go with these.

            Mr. Lynch, who traveled to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria, will also discuss the lessons from recent damage assessments in Puerto Rico.  NYC DOB responded to a request for post disaster damage assessment following Hurricane Maria last year. Their mission focused on damage assessment of essential facilities as well as residential structures. The presentation will describe the mission, preparation for the mission, effective use of GIS mapping and mobile apps, data sharing, post inspection image analysis as well as lessons learned.

This notification is your invitation to join this conference and presentations to be held at the Pfizer-Auditorium of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering (NYU-Poly), on Friday, October 19, 2018.  Refreshments and networking to start around 8:00 AM followed by the keynote speech which will begin at 9:00 AM promptly.  NYU Tandon School of Engineering (NYU-Poly), Pfizer-Auditorium is located at 5 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

This event is open to the public. Please spread the word throughout your organization.

Payments may be made by credit card at the link below or in advance by contacting Jennifer Miller or Rachel Pieniazek 518-283-7490.  For further information on schedule, registration and/or for ticket purchase, contact Rachel Pieniazek (rachel@nysspe.org) or Jennifer Miller (jamiller@nysspe.org)

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