Ph.D. Exit Survey Welcome

Welcome to the Ph.D. Exit Survey. ALL INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE WILL BE TREATED AS CONFIDENTIAL and used only for research or statistical puposes by UMBC and the Council of Graduate Schools.

The following is an anonymous Exit Survey for students who are either completing or withdrawing from doctoral programs. The purpose of this survey is to improve the doctoral experience for current and future students and to enable faculty and administrators to better understand the factors that contribute to doctoral degree completion or withdrawal. Your responses will be collected by UMBC and submitted to the Council of Graduate Schools as part of the data collection for the Ph.D. Completion Project's study of doctoral completion and attrition.

You are asked to provide your email address for quality control to assure that we identify the correct person and to eliminate duplicate requests to fill out this survey.

The identifying information requested on this page and the next will be collected separately from the exit survey that follows (beginning on page 3). Your personal and demographic information is confidential, will not be shared with others, and will not be identifiable from the aggregate analysis.

Any information publicly released (such as statistical summaries) will be in a form that does not personally identify you.

The time needed to complete this survey varies according to individual circumstances, but the average time is estimated at 17 minutes.

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