1. Prairie Band Casino & Resort Donation Guidelines

- Requests should include a detailed description of why and how the donation will be used.

- Requests should also include a budget justification or cost disclosure.

- Organizations located on reservations should include a letter of support from their local Tribal Council.

- If not a tribal government or a 501(c)3, a reliable fiscal agent is required.

- If further information is required you will be contacted.

- Requests are reviewed on a monthly cycle. Requests received in one month will be reviewed at the beginning of the following month.

- The review process can take up to a month or more on larger requests.

- Preference is given to requests from Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation.

- The Donation Committee meets once a month, when completing the form please specify your timeframe and any deadlines on question #10.

- For further information please call Sara Meyer at 785-966-7771 or Ruth Vega Harjo at 785-966-7744. To add an attachment(s) with your request, please email Sara or Ruth by clicking on their name! Sara Meyer or Ruth Vega Harjo

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