What can you tell us about VET?

This short survey is a way for you to provide some feedback to parliament about your experiences with vocational education and training (VET). To complete the survey you need to be in year 10, 11 or 12 at a WA school and undertaking at least one VET unit. This survey is NOT for students doing the ATAR course.
There are 10 questions which should take about five minutes to complete.
The survey is completely anonymous.
Please remember we are interested in your views - there are no right or wrong answers.
The survey will be open until 5pm on 7 August.

* 1. What type of school do you attend?

* 2. What year are you in?

* 3. What are your VET units part of? (Mark any that apply)

* 4. How many VET units or unit equivalents are you currently enrolled in?

* 5. What can you tell us about the availability of VET units and courses offered at your school? For example, would you say there are enough, not enough, a good range or only a limited range? Was the course or unit you wanted to take available at your school?

* 6. How did you decide which VET unit(s) or course to study? For example, was it dependent on what was available, or were you influenced by friends or family, or by what you want to do for work, or by what you thought would be easy or interesting or challenging? Write down everything that applies.


* 7. How would you rate your VET teachers? For example, how much do you think the teachers know about the classes they teach? Is it easy to understand what they are teaching you? If you have more than one VET teacher is there any difference between teachers?

* 8. How relevant is the content of the unit(s) you are studying? For example, do you think you will be able to use the skills you have learnt? Are some units more practical or useful than others? Which ones? 

* 9. What has been your experience with work placements? For example, is it difficult to find somewhere to get a work placement? Do you have to travel far? How useful has the placement been? If you have not had a work placement, write NA.

* 10. Do you have any other comments about VET in secondary schools?

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