You have been selected to respond to a survey on Water Main Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation. By completing this survey, you will assist researchers in understanding the current state of water systems and evolving trenchless technology accordingly to improve rehabilitation processes to meet both short-term and long-term needs.

This survey forms part of an overall research project entitled “Advancing Water Main Renovation and Design” focused on investigating methods to renew aging and failing water main infrastructures quickly and effectively. The primary objective of this survey is to gain an overall perspective on the current condition of water transmission and distribution systems across North America. Another objective is to advance knowledge related to application of trenchless rehabilitation methods to water mains.

Research Partners
• University of Alberta
• University of Waterloo
• Aegion
• Benjamin Media

Note: This survey contains a total of 24 questions over seven pages, and is expected to take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The survey is organized as follows:
Survey Information Pages
Section 1 – Water Distribution/Transmission Network
Section 2 – Condition Assessment
Section 3 – Rehabilitation

Responses are saved and submitted when the Next button is clicked at the end of each page. Any responses saved (by clicking on Next) can be edited at a later time, until the complete survey is submitted.

For a copy of the complete survey in pdf format, please email Lana Gutwin (Study Coordinator) at gutwin@ualberta.ca.

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