Councilwoman Sawyer and Councilman Herndon's offices are considering putting forward legislation to allow the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) throughout the East Colfax neighborhood.

An ADU is small, single apartment located at the back of a property separate from the main house, or built adjacent to a main house such as a basement unit with a separate entrance. ADU's are also commonly known as granny-flats, in-law units, casitas, carriage houses or guest houses. We have already had several successful single property rezonings to allow ADUs in the East Colfax neighborhood. By rezoning the entire neighborhood at once, it would save residents time and money, and create the ability to add additional housing stock in a neighborhood that needs it.

Important: The only change this rezoning would cause would be to allow ADUs to be built on properties zoned E-SU-DX. It would NOT change anything else about how much, how high, or what types of other buildings can be built, and it would not rezone any other property that has any other type of zoning. For example, it will NOT allow duplexes, row homes or townhomes (slot homes), or commercial development.

If you would you like more information about ADU's, please click here to read about an ADU pilot project in West Denver being run by the West Denver Renaissance Collaborative