Thank you for your interest in the Integrated Logistics Hub Airfreight Interface Concept Request for Information (RFI).

The Western Parkland City Authority views this RFI process as an opportunity for interested parties to contribute information.

Respondents may choose to answer all or some of the questions contained within the RFI. Not all questions will be relevant to every interested party. Your responses to the questions may include as much or as little detail as you feel is necessary. Additional information on matters or issues not raised is welcomed


How to get involved:

October 2021

Agribusiness, Freight and Logistics Forum and RFI Launch

December 2021

RFI Submissions are submitted to the Western Parkland City Authority

Early 2022

Western Parkland City Authority:

·        shares insights from the RFI with all participants and the wider community

·        invites all participants in the RFI to a subsequent event to support industry and landowner connections to advance ideas of mutual interest

Mid 2022+

Western Parkland City Authority continues to work with participants and/or registered parties to facilitate connections between these parties             


You will commence the RFI on the next page.


For more information on the process, please click here or click here to download the RFI Registration Pack.