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This survey is intended to gather information about the experiences and perspectives of educators working with children from birth through third grade, and the coaches, mentors, administrators, and other professional learning staff who support them.

The results of the survey will be used to inform the ongoing strategic planning process for the California Early Math Initiative which focuses on strengthening teaching and learning in math and science education for children from birth through third grade (click here to read more). Individual responses to the survey will be kept anonymous.

The following key terms are used throughout the survey:

  • Early math and science” refers to math and science learning for children from birth through third grade. We acknowledge that early learning looks different across ages and settings. 
  • Educators” refers to child care professionals, classroom teachers, and other professionals directly responsible for facilitating math and/or science learning.
  • Teaching” refers to working directly with children to facilitate learning. We acknowledge that early learning looks different across ages and settings.
  • "Professional learning” refers to coaching, training, and/or mentoring of educators to develop skills and content knowledge.
  • "Resources” refers to information (e.g., lesson plans, activities) and physical materials (e.g., manipulatives, texts) regarding teaching and learning early math and science curricula.

This survey was developed in collaboration with the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools’ Early Care & Education Department. 

The Glen Price Group (GPG) is administering this survey. Please contact EMI@glenpricegroup.com with any questions about this survey or the planning process. 

Thank you in advance for your time!

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* 1. Do you work directly with children from birth through third grade? (Select one)

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* 2. Are you currently a coach, trainer, mentor, or other professional learning staff (including director of early learning program and school administrators) who supports early learning educators in math and/or science? (Select one)