Thank you for applying!

We love to hear how our ETO and Apricot clients are transforming lives, from connecting with members of your communities, using data and technology to empower your work, and bringing your impact to life. Social Solutions developed the Impact Award with the goal of celebrating the meaningful work our clients do every day and highlighting how they use technology to enable that work. We're looking for organizations that are committed to their communities, driven by data and proven results, and dedicated to continuous improvement. Sound like your organization? Then you're in the right place! Three deserving organizations that utilize ETO or Apricot will be awarded an Impact Award grant at our Impact Summit this October.

We've broken out the application for the Impact Award into three distinct categories to gain a comprehensive understanding of the valuable work you are doing:
1. Spark Human Connection: Focused on the human element of your work. How are you connecting with members of your community? 
2. Make Data Matter: Focused on the measurement of your work. How are you using data each day and at each level of your organization? 
3. Bring Your Impact to Life: Focused on the impact of your work. How do you transform lives in your community?

Submissions will be accepted through September 21, 2018. Award winners will be announced at the Social Solutions Impact Summit in Austin, TX on October 29th. Register for the Impact Summit at

Thank you for taking the time to submit an application and for all that you do for your communities - we look forward to reading your submissions!