As the peak body for foster and kinship carers, Queensland Foster and Kinship Care Inc. (QFKC) is committed to support and advocacy. It is this support and advocacy that promotes and enhances the lives of children and young people in care. This survey is your opportunity to provide feedback. 

We are committed to providing the best possible service we can to foster and kinship carers, and are seeking your thoughts on current practices so that we can continue to strive for excellence in an ever increasingly difficult environment. 

Your responses will assist QFKC to identify strengths and areas of concern that will contribute towards the development of initiatives to assist you and your families now and into the future. Information provided in this survey informs QFKC of the past and current support needs of foster and kinship carers and highlights possible future direction. Responses will also assist us to work with the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs and foster and kinship care services to improve systems and practice in collaboration with our key stakeholders. Outcomes and initiatives directly related to this survey will be reported on through QFKC's website, social media platforms and the QFKC Reporter. 
This carer survey seeks the following information:
Part 1: Regions and Service Centre's
Part 2: About You
Part 3: Cultural Diversity
Part 4: Child Safety Services
Part 5: Support
Part 6: Foster Carer Agreement
Part 7: Training
Part 8: Complaints/Concerns
Part 9: Queensland Foster and Kinship Care
Part 10: Partners in Care
Part 11: Looking Forward

Please complete this online survey by 5pm on Friday 7th  October 2022. Alternatively, if preferred you may request a paper copy be posted with a reply envelope, please email us at admin@qfkc.com.au or phone 3256 6166. 

If you have any questions please contact Carissa on 3256 6166 or email admin@qfkc.com.au

Thank you, we appreciate your assistance!

Your Information:
All personal information provided will remain confidential. Information will be aggregated and will not be published in any way that might enable identification of individuals. This information will only be disclosed by/to government departments and agencies in accordance with the provisions of their Act/s or otherwise permitted or required by Law.