What do you want to know about SELF-LOVE?

Thank you for helping me out today! I'm creating a series of free videos, a course and who-knows-what based on what YOU want to know about SELF-LOVE.  I'm doing it because there is an urgent need for women to love themselves more.  Can you feel it?!  What can we all do about it? ...Start with ourselves! xoxoxo Thank YOU!

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* 1. What does SELF-LOVE mean to you?

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* 2. What would you most like to learn/discover about SELF-LOVE?

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* 3. If you were to become more of a 'woman who loved herself,' what daily practices might you imagine yourself doing?  (i.e. drink more water, self-massage, meditate, journal)

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions - your time is valuable and I appreciate it!
Much love to you,