We know there are so many people of color embedded in communities of color across Greater Miami, working outside the limelight with and without a nonprofit structure, leading vital work on racial equity. They are tackling and mobilizing others to transform inequity and systemic racism on residents’ lives.

We welcome anyone to share suggestions for such organizations and individuals who the Foundation should get to know, and who should get to know us better!

- People of color or organizations led by people of color, in particular Black/African-American, whose lived experience inspires and grounds their work

- Not receiving meaningful support from the traditional philanthropic community either from lack of official nonprofit status, website, philanthropic connections, or otherwise

- Doing grassroots work rooted and embedded in the neighborhoods long-experiencing racism and systemic inequity

- Have earned the trust of the communities they work in and with

- Galvanizing others to transform community conditions, institutions or systems at the root of racism and systemic inequity

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* 5. Tell us very briefly about the individual or organization and their work related to Racial Equity, and why you felt strongly about sharing them for the Foundation to get to know and for them to know us better.